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Down Town Water Improvements, Anchorage, Alaska (2009)

Client: Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility (MOA)

Project Summary:

This project consisted of the rehabilitation of 1,800 lf of 10” water main with the installation of the first ever cured in place water pipe lining system in Anchorage utilizing the latest in cured in place technology, design and construction of over 1,800 lf of 10” temporary water main supplying temporary water to businesses spanning three city blocks, installation of two fire hydrants, the restoration of the affected streets and improvements, and the excavation and shoring of insertion pits next to and underneath the main Down Town utilidor. Reinstatement of water services was accomplished through the use of robotic reinstatement. Low impact excavation techniques, utilizing B.C. Excavating’s vactor trucks and mini excavators, helped reduce the impact of the overall project. Throughout the course of the project B.C. Excavating utilized seven trench boxes and four caissons to ensure the safety of all personnel involved. This project involved intricate traffic control, heavy public involvement and concerned business owners. Daily public involvement was necessary to keep the business owners informed of road closures and disruption to their services. A close and cooperative working relationship was essential to the successful completion of this project.

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