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Since 1982, B.C. has completed hundreds of projects spanning across the State of Alaska. We are a fully versed general contractor with extensive experience throughout the State of Alaska providing heavy civil/commercial site work, environmental, residential and custom fabrication services. Our heavy civil side has successfully completed numerous projects involving the construction of roads, parking lots, structural foundations, and underground utilities with contracts ranging from 1-5 million dollars. Our environmental side has removed and installed hundreds of underground storage tanks, performed numerous site cleanups in both remote and urban Alaska, and have installed complete remediation systems for both insitu and exsitu type situations. Based on this experience, we are intimately familiar with the requirements necessary to perform various types of work in a cost-effective, safe, and environmentally sound manner. Every one of our large civil projects have come in on budget and on time. With each project we take on, every effort is made to save the client money through efficiency of work and value engineering. Often times B.C. works with the owner/client and their engineers at the outset of projects to come up with the most sensible and cost-effective approach to the client’s objective. On our remote projects, B.C. makes every effort to find local qualified labor and utilize local suppliers and equipment. This not only makes for good public relations in a community, but with the high cost of mobilization to some of these sites it also makes good economic sense.

Adapting to the Changing Tide

Over the years B.C. has adapted to and embraced the changing tide of the Alaska construction industry. For example, all of B.C.’s project managers and a majority of its superintendants are Certified Erosion and Sediments Control Leads (CESCLs), which not only allows B.C. to incorporate and manage EPA and ADEC mandated project specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) but also makes for an overall more environmentally conscious workforce.  Similarly, B.C. is committed to “keeping up with the times.” It takes a substantial investment toward software, equipment, and training to maintain modern technology in the field and in the office.  We believe in that investment.  In the design and estimating stages of a project, B.C. uses it’s technology to nail down accurate quantities (Trimble Business Center- Site Modeling) and provide comprehensive proposals (Heavybids) – giving the client a realistic look into their project.  Such an approach helps avoid unexpected project overruns and aids us in providing value engineering alternatives.  Out in the field is where technology has substantially decreased project costs and wasted efforts.  Our Site Positioning and Grade Control Systems improve our ability to be accurate and maintain budgets and project potential conflicts. These systems allow our personnel to perform tasks with more precisions, speed and confidence leading to a greater end product. 

Some other technologies B.C. utilizes in its day to day operations include:  Hydro Excavation – a safe and non-destructive form of excavation that utilizes high pressure water and an industrial strength vacuum truck; CCTV Inspection – involves the utilization of state of the art camera equipment and rovers to meet all of our client’s video inspection needs, including mainline and lateral launching capabilities;  Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) – a process where a liner is inserted into a host piping system impregnated with a thermosetting resin, which is expanded and cured to form a tight-fitting liner within the host pipe.  This technology incorporates the existing pipeline into the finished product to produce improved performance of the original pipeline.  Our client’s appreciate the fact that their operations will not be impacted through the use of this non-invasive technology.


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